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Why do I need to brew green tea at 80 degrees?

Ever thought that your green tea tasted bitter and gross? Well we may have the answer why! Brewing green tea at 100 degrees boiling water can actually burn the leaf and destroy the flavour. Over brewing your leaves can also lead to this bitter unpleasant taste. We usually recommend you brew for 3-5 minutes before removing your leaves.

Do I need to have my water perfectly boiled to 80 degrees?

No! This is just an estimate, and if you don’t have a temperature changing kettle have no fear. Try simply putting ¼ cold water into your mug before adding boiling water, then infuse your tea.

How should I store my tea?

The flavour of tea leaves is affected by light and air. Therefore, we recommend that you store your products our resealable pouches, and away from direct sunlight.